Abrasive Blasting & Painting

GML’s main facility has a fully enclosed 2,000 sqft blasting room capable of abrasive blasting and painting equipment in excess of a 40ft container size all in a controlled environment. WE have the trained personnel and equipment to ensure your job gets done on time and with proper quality control. WE have NACE inspectors on staff to be sure that quality is not sacrificed as well as SSPC Trainthepainter certified blasters and painters. GML has paved the way for advancing the use of technology in this sector by being one of the first to implement a fully digital Elcometer coating inspection kit to ensure all work exceeds all quality standards. Our abrasive material is sourced internationally to ensure the highest quality as well as the installation of a blast media recycle system to reduce on waste. We have been trusted with the blasting and painting of all offshore valves for the past 10 years. We have kept up with demand and have continuously exceeded clients expectations with timeless turnaround and quality.

We Blast with class!